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Crocs, rodents, sloths add spice to Rio golf traps

00:05, Friday, 05 August, 2016
Crocs, rodents, sloths add spice to Rio golf traps

Rio is famous for wild life at Carnival time, but real wildlife will bare its teeth during the 72-hole men's and women's tournaments over the next two weeks.

PGA Tour players have faced crocodiles on courses before in Florida.

But in Rio, there are signs to warn spectators and players to be cautious around the wild animals roaming the Olympic course, not the least of which are the caimans, the crocodile cousins who are well-known predators on South American lakes and streams.

Mark Johnson, the PGA Tour director of international agronomy and top greenskeeper at the Olympic course, is not too worried about the caiman living in the lakes near holes two, three, five and nine.

They usually come out at night and are relatively timid, by Johnson's Florida standards.

"They are maximum five feet (1.5m). Jeez, I have 10- to 12-foot alligators in my backyard," Johnson said.

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