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Serj Tankian: Armenia needs to find way out of post-Soviet corrupt hierarchy

13:05, Wednesday, 20 July, 2016
Serj Tankian: Armenia needs to find way out of post-Soviet corrupt hierarchy

The world seems to be spinning out of control all over the planet. Reason seems to have taken a back seat to xenophobia, extremism and fanatical thinking and action. Killings of unarmed black males in the U.S., targeted assassinations of police in response, an illegal overhaul of a whole part of society in Turkey supposedly in response to the coup attempt, heavy handed police roundups by police in Armenia of civic leaders in response to an armed police station takeover, civilian killings in France, Belgium, Germany and elsewhere by so called Isis sympathizers- as the list goes on and on. I guess environmental catastrophic warnings are not enough to temper our animalistic idiocracy. One thing is clear-civilization in its current form has run its course. We desperately need to figure out how to handle the human disease of violence toward one another. In the U.S. we need to see a culture of change from violent unilateral action to serving justice starting with police incriminations of those responsible for heinous crimes. In Turkey we need to assert the voices for progressive change against the dogmatic perversions of Erdogan's regime and in Armenia we need to figure out a way out of the post Soviet corrupt hierarchy that has ruled/ruined the country since its independence. Culture, empathy, and equality driven by the majority will always win especially in a climate of economic egalitarianism. Another dark day in history can be subverted by intellect, temperance and justice.
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