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$8,000 for a renovated room for 25 days only

11:12, Saturday, 12 November, 2011
$8,000 for a renovated room for 25 days only
     ''Chorrord Inqnishkhanutyun''. The paper claims that Sisak Avetisyan – deputy chief of the department against organized crime and who was recently dismissed from that position by the newly-appointed Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan – held that position only 25 days.
The paper claims that Avetisyan, who has worked in police system for quite a long time, had to bribe officials at the upper level so that to get that position.
Upon his appointment, the paper adds, Avetisyan started to renovate his room: he built a private toilet, bought expensive furniture, etc, and spent a total of $8,000 for the renovation only to enjoy it for a few days.
Further, the paper claims that Sisak Avetisyan, mostly known as Surik, is one of those police officers who have their own businesses. He is a shareholder at the Atlantic café near Liberty Square.
Attention! Information is not official.
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