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UN: the year of the attacks killed 25 thousand people

02:10, Friday, 06 April, 2018
UN: the year of the attacks killed 25 thousand people

Last year there had been 11 thousand terrorist acts, they killed 25 thousand people. This was stated by the Deputy of the UN Secretary General, head of the counter-terrorism Department of the organization Vladimir Voronkov, reports Interfax Thursday, April 5.

"In 2017, there have been 11 thousand attacks in more than hundred countries. The earthquake killed 25 thousand people were injured and 33 thousand people," – said Voronkov at a press conference.

According to him, the total economic damage from these attacks amounted to $90 billion.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump advocated for increased anti-terrorism measures in the country, especially at borders. This statement he made after the recent hostage-taking in France, during which three people were killed and 16 were wounded.

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