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"Do you think we are idiots?". Mirzoyan told the President of National Assembly

11:40, Wednesday, 07 March, 2018
"Do you think we are idiots?". Mirzoyan told the President of National Assembly

"Look at what’s going on at the last row. Ashot Arsenyan was absent during the voting, but by some magic, he voted for. That is why the voting for the new law must be revised, understood or something like that", announced the MP of opposition Nikol Pashinyan after the voting of law project about the "Referendum".

"We keep coming back to this problem, but it seems like we can’t find the solution. Can you exclude election fraud in this small hall Mr. Babloyan? One votes instead of the other. Don’t you try to airbrush that! Do you think we are idiots?", continued Ararat Mirzoyan. Babloyan answered that he respects everyone and takes everyone’s opinion into account. “We keep the scoreboard on for much longer by your request, so the approach of the voters is clear. And then, again by your request, we repeated the results. You saw that but didn’t give any reaction. When the MPs went out, just then you started to speak up", said the NA president.

Pashinyan mentioned that the biggest problem of the country is that our leaders are able to look right into your eyes and serve their lie as a truth.

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