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In the human for the first time “implanted” additional memory

19:10, Wednesday, 15 November, 2017
In the human for the first time “implanted” additional memory

Today, literally everyone, from Ilona Mask and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the US Department of Defense, is looking for an opportunity to “pump” the work of the human brain through implants. And, it seems, some people managed it – for the first time in history.
     A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) demonstrated the use of a brain implant to improve human memory. A biomedical named Dong Song presented a kind of “prosthesis of memory” during the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington. Thus, for the first time in history, an electronic device has appeared that can effectively improve human memory.
     The Song team tested the work of its device on 20 volunteers with brain electrodes implanted to treat epilepsy. With their help, Song connected his device to the brain so that it could collect data on brain activity during tests aimed at stimulating either short-term or working memory.
     Then the researchers determined the structure associated with the optimal memory, and used the device’s electrodes to stimulate the brain according to a certain pattern during subsequent tests. According to the received data, such stimulation improved short-term memory by about 15 percent and working memory by about 25 percent:
     We create a neural code to improve the memory function. No one has ever done that before.

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