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Donald trump was accused of using his official position

10:40, Friday, 03 November, 2017
Donald trump was accused of using his official position

17 members of the U.S. congressional Committee on oversight and government reform has addressed in court with the requirement to provide financial documents on the activities of the hotel Trump International Hotel, located in the heart of the us capital.

The plaintiffs believe that the decision of the President of trump to maintain control over owned international real estate company allows the White house to make a profit, being in the position of the head of state.

“This hotel is not just a building on which facade is the name of Donald trump – said the member of the Committee, the democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings. Is the shining symbol of a lack of responsibility from the administration trump, a daily reminder that Republicans in Congress refuse to do their job”.

The hotel is located in a building owned by the state Administration for economic Affairs (GSA) and the management of the hotel company operates on the basis of a leasing contract with the Agency.

Immediately after the entry of Donald trump office, GSA refused to provide to Congress any financial statements relating to the property. However, some documents that were familiar to members of Congress, suggest that only the first four months of this year, the Trump International hotel achieved a net profit of 1.97 million dollars.

In the lawsuit, filed on Thursday in Federal court in Washington, the congressmen emphasize that the financial statements of the hotel will allow them “to investigate and install, did the President of the United States his official position for personal enrichment.”

In support of his claim, the lawmakers cite an Act passed by Congress in 1928 and signed by President Calvin Coolidge. This document provides a group of seven members of the oversight Committee to demand any documents relating to the activities of Federal agencies.

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