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Trump calls continued House, Senate Russia probes a 'disgrace'

11:00, Friday, 03 November, 2017
Trump calls continued House, Senate Russia probes a 'disgrace'

President Trump on Thursday called continued congressional probes into Russia's election meddling a "disgrace," arguing that the probes are bad for the country.
     In an interview on "The Howie Carr Show," Trump asserted that Democrats and Republicans on the respective House and Senate committees have been forced to admit that they have found no collusion so far.
     "In fact, even in all fairness with all of these investigations going on in the Senate and the House — they walk out, even the Democrats — 'There's no collusion but we'll continue to look, there's smoke, there's no collusion but there's — and the Republicans are coming out just saying, 'There's just no collusion,'" Trump said.
     "And it's a disgrace that it can go on," he added. "To honest it's a disgrace and it's bad for our country."
     Trump also knocked recent revelations that Facebook ads purchased by Russians reached millions of Americans during the 2016 election, claiming that the ads mostly addressed irrelevant issues.
     "You look now at the ads with Facebook and this, it's not even ads that pertain to what we're talking about," Trump said. "It's a strange thing."
     Trump has previously dismissed Russian Facebook ads as a hoax perpetrated by the "dishonest" media.
     "The Russia hoax continues, now it's ads on Facebook. What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary?" Trump tweeted last month.

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