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UNICEF: Every seven minutes in the world a child dies

14:00, Thursday, 02 November, 2017
UNICEF: Every seven minutes in the world a child dies
     In the world every seven minutes dies from violence a teenager. These data are published in report The UN children's Fund UNICEF.
     It is noted that in 2015 alone, the violence took the lives of about 82 thousand teenagers all over the world. The most vulnerable people in the age from 15 to 19 years, they die from violence three times more often than children in 10-14 years.
     Most often the death of a teenager is the result of interpersonal conflicts and not collective violence. In 2015, two of the three Teens died from homicide, and the rest as a result of conflict.
     It is also reported that Ukraine was in the top 5 countries in the number of Teens who admitted to having bullied others in school.
     According to the latest data, in the last year 9 million girls aged 15 to 19 years were forced to have sexual intercourse or experienced other sexual actions.
     In 20 countries, nearly 9 of 10 teenagers said that they were forced to have sex for the first time this happened in adolescence.
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