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Tusk: 'No space for EU intervention' in Catalonia

12:00, Friday, 20 October, 2017
Tusk: 'No space for EU intervention' in Catalonia
European Council president Donald Tusk says there is no space for the EU to intervene in the fallout between Spain and Catalonia.
     Speaking at a summit in Brussels where Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy is in attendance, Tusk said the bloc would not mediate in a crisis which other EU leaders view as a domestic issue.
     "We have all of us our own emotions, opinions and assessments but formally speaking there is no space for EU intervention here," Tusk told a news conference at the summit.
     Earlier in the day both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron offered Rajoy vocal support.
     "We back the position of the Spanish government," Merkel said as she arrived, while Macron told reporters the summit would be "marked by a message of unity" with Madrid.
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Kristina 12:41, 20.10.2017
urem et depqum EM irqvunq chuni voreve kartsiq haytnel Cataloniayi ankakhanaluts heto