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The first case of pregnancy in men was in Finland

11:05, Sunday, 08 October, 2017
The first case of pregnancy in men was in Finland

In Finland, physicians registered the first in the history of the country in case of pregnancy in men. Reported by the news newspaper Satakunnan Kansa, citing a statement from the family of the future parents.

As it became known, soon the child is born transgender who was born a woman, but for the life endured hormone therapy. According to the parents, the pregnancy is stable and without any unpleasant consequences. The only problem, which to this point was the future «father» associated with failures in computer programs used by the country’s health system.It is worth noting that the first in the history of mankind case of «male pregnancy» has been registered in the United States. American Thomas Beatie was born a woman but underwent a sex-change operation, and then carried and gave birth to three children.

Source: life.ru
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