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Las Vegas shooting: Isis claims responsibility for deadliest gun massacre in US history

18:35, Monday, 02 October, 2017
Las Vegas shooting: Isis claims responsibility for deadliest gun massacre in US history

Isis has claimed responsibility for the shooting attack that has left at least 50 dead in Las Vegas.

A statement published by the group's Amaq propaganda agency claimed the attacker was a "soldier of the Islamic State".

"The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries," it said.

In a second statement, Isis claimed the gunman "converted to Islam several months ago".

The wording of the release is similar to other attacks that have been inspired, rather than directed, by Isis.

The claim, which cannot be independently verified, came days after Isis released a speech purporting to be from the group's leader.

A 46-minute audio recording appeared to show Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi praise the jihadis killed in the battle to retake Mosul and other former Isis territories.

He urged followers to "intensify one attack after another against the infidels", following a spike in global terror attacks.

Security officials and experts have long warned that Isis will seek to maintain momentum and legitimacy through terror as its so-called "caliphate" dwindles in Iraq and Syria.

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