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The United States expanded sanctions against Iran

14:10, Friday, 15 September, 2017
The United States expanded sanctions against Iran

The U.S. Treasury Department announced the extension of financial and visa sanctions against Iran. In the list published by the Office of foreign assets control of the Ministry of Finance, otvechayuschie for sanctions policy, named 11 companies and individuals, which, as noted, contributed to hostile activities against the United States and other countries.

“The Ministry will continue to take decisive action to counter Iranian provocations, including support of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, extremists and terrorists, the continuing campaign of violence in Syria and cyber-attacks aimed at destabilizing the US financial system,” he said, announcing the new sanctions, the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

In the list, in addition to Iranian companies, also mentioned Ukrainian airlines Khors and Dart.

According to the financial Department of the USA, Ukrainian airlines “has provided support and assistance” to the Iranian airline Caspian Air and the Iraqi Al-Naser Airlines, which are also included in the sanctions list.

“The sanctions imposed against… airlines that provide transport for the transportation of fighters and weapons to Syria,” explained Steven Mnuchin.

President trump has repeatedly stated that the administration may revise the terms of the so-called “nuclear deal”, as a result of which most of the sanctions against Tehran were lifted.

In July 2017, the US Congress approved the bill providing introduction of new sanctions against Iran, citing the interference of the Iranian authorities in the events in Iraq and Syria, as well as tests new carrier rocket “Simorg”.

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