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Global Firepower published new rating of armies in world

14:20, Thursday, 31 August, 2017
Global Firepower published new rating of armies in world

Kyiv: International company Global Firepower compiled an annual rating of the best armies in the world, where the United States took the first place, Russia and China took the following places.

The fourth place was taken by India, then France, Great Britain, Japan Turkey, Germany, and Egypt closed the top ten ranking.

Nuclear states Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea took the 13th, 15th, 23rd places respectively.

Ukraine is located in the 30th position between Sweden and Myanmar. Global Firepower left the 82nd place to Georgia between Zimbabwe and Serbia, and Moldova was not included in this list that was made up of 133 countries. The army of Bhutan just took the last position in the rating.

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