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Charles Aznavour, the Co-Founder of Aznavour Foundation has been honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

00:00, Friday, 25 August, 2017
Charles Aznavour, the Co-Founder of Aznavour Foundation has been honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Legendary singer-song- writer Charles Aznavour has been honored with the 2,618 th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, August 24, 2017.
     The star was dedicated in the category of Live Performance at 6225 Hollywood Boulevard next
     to the historic Pantages Theatre.
     With millions of fans worldwide, world beloved artist and singing sensation Charles Aznavour has attracted legions of international and multicultural fans. His popularity transcends many generations. During his career spanning more than 70 years, Aznavour has recorded 1,400 songs
     (1,300 of which he wrote personally) and has produced over 390 albums, all in multiple languages. Many of his records have gone Platinum and Gold. In addition to music, Aznavour is
     credited in over 90 films. Apart from cultural legacy, Aznavour has dedicated his efforts towards making a difference in the lives of other people. Among his charitable activities, he used the proceeds from the hit song “Pour Toi Armenie” to aid victims of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia and continues his
     humanitarian projects through the Aznavour Foundation founded with his son Nicolas Aznavour in 2017. The goals of the Aznavour Foundation are to continue the implementation and completion of different projects in the following areas: social welfare, education and culture, and international integration.
     In the frames of Charles Aznavour U.S. trip, the Aznavour Foundation will present its mission and the first project – the establishment of Charles Aznavour Interactive Museum and Cultural Center in Yerevan. Everyone can become a part of this unique and ambitious project by making a contribution to the Foundation. The Charles Aznavour Interactive Museum will use multi-media technologies such as computer animations and augmented reality to walk the visitor through the realization of a dream. Through cinematography classes, recording studios, and internationally connected cultural experiences, the Aznavour Museum will transform visitors to a higher sense of being – of thinking, of ideating, of doing. The life story of Charles Aznavour will be told by the hero himself with the recorded audioguide, a vision never realized in the world until now.
     Nicolas Aznavour will head personally the development and implementation of the foundation’s projects.
     “I am proud and honored that my father has bestowed upon me this great responsibility and that I will help to implement his projects in Armenia. Regardless of the obstacles our ancestors have faced, our roots have run strong and deep for millennials and it is our responsibility to tend them.”
     Aznavour Foundation calls on all interested individuals and organizations to become a part of the future by making a contribution to the Foundation and by sharing the message of love, unity, and dreams.

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