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In India, the Ganges River was banned from throwing out rubbish

22:35, Friday, 14 July, 2017
In India, the Ganges River was banned from throwing out rubbish

The National Environmental Tribunal stated that the situation with pollution requires immediate intervention. So, a fine was set for the release of garbage into the river - $ 800.

According to a court ruling, the state authorities of Uttar Pradesh should soon remove hundreds of leather factories from the coastline that pollute the river with chemicals and industrial debris.

At the same time, the factories are the main employer of the local population.
     By the way, the decisions of the national tribunal are binding, but they can still be appealed. In addition, there is no separate body that would monitor the implementation of all decisions, so the tribunal relies on local authorities.

Recall, as reported by "URA-Inform," earlier Lviv Regional Council on Thursday, July 13, during an extraordinary session approved a program of measures to establish a system for handling solid domestic waste in Lviv.

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