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The yachtsman from the USA has accused Cameron of use of history of his ancestors in "Titanic"

23:05, Wednesday, 24 May, 2017
The yachtsman from the USA has accused Cameron of use of history of his ancestors in "Titanic"

The resident of Florida and yachtsman Stephen Cummings has filed a lawsuit against the director James Cameron. According to the American, the cinematographer has created an image of the main character of the movie "Titanic" on the basis of history of his ancestors, TMZ on Monday, May 22 reports.

Cummings claims that Cameron has learned about destiny of his relatives that the resident of Florida has told about her to the friends. The spouses who were the yachtsman's ancestors, according to him, have gone to a cruise on "Titanic". As a result of the crash of the steamship the man has died, and the woman managed to survive.

Materials till October teme00:02 15, 2016 "When I worked with Cameron, the Last interview of the author of music to the movie "Titanic" was necessary to swindle a little" the American demands to exact from the director 300 million dollars and author's assignments of one percent from collecting the movie of 1997.
     "Titanic" of Cameron has won 11 "Oscars", including awards for the best movie of year and the best direction. The tape has also won four nominations of "The gold globe" and five categories of the award "Grammy". She has collected 2,18 billion dollars in world hire. On a plot heroes of the movie, Rose Byyukeyter and Jack Dawson (Keith Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio) fall in love each other onboard the ship which collides an iceberg. As a result of the crash Dawson sinks, having given way to Byyukeyter on the piece of a wooden covering floating in the ocean.

the Transatlantic steamship "Titanic" was wrecked during the first flight on the night of April 15, 1912, having collided an iceberg in a northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. 1496 people have as a result died, 712 have been saved

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