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Anti-terror cops are tracking ‘two imminent ISIS terror attacks in London’ after foiling Whitehall knife plot

15:35, Sunday, 30 April, 2017
Anti-terror cops are tracking ‘two imminent ISIS terror attacks in London’ after foiling Whitehall knife plot

The British police became aware of at least two imminent terrorist attacks in London, writes the edition of the Sunday Times, citing police sources.“There are two plan for terrorist attacks, we are closely monitoring,” said a senior counter-terrorism unit, noting that security measures are strengthened and the police are trying to trace the steps of attackers.

The extremists who supposedly are followers of the ideas of terrorist groups “Islamic state”* and al-Qaida*.

Investigators believe that the terrorists do not have relationships to any detained Thursday in Westminster Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali, any group of persons arrested during raids in the night from Thursday to Friday.

The London attack occurred on March 22 in one of the most popular tourist places in the city — on Westminster bridge. The car moving over the bridge, drove on the sidewalk, knocked down several people, then drove to the Parliament building, where the attacker was stopped by the police. The offender stabbed a policeman who later died. A terrorist who turned out to be 52-year-old Briton Khalid Masood, was shot dead by another policeman. According to recent reports, the attack killed five people, injured dozens of people.

After the attack in Central London, the police of the British capital have increased security measures. On Thursday, the city police in collaboration with the British anti-terrorism office arrested 27-year-old British citizen Khalid Mohamed Omar Ali. The man was arrested in Westminster, near the residence of Prime Minister Theresa may. He is suspected of possession of weapons in the Commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts. The alleged offender was seized two knives.

Later that day the police conducted a special operation and detained six people, another suspect was injured and was hospitalized. Intelligence agencies reported that by the end of the operation, they managed to eliminate the terrorist threat.

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