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Named The Safest Country IN The World

13:10, Friday, 14 April, 2017
Named The Safest Country IN The World

Finland topped the ranking, consisting of 136 items. This state was also the lead in a similar list published in October 2016.

In second place is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Closes the top three Iceland. The top ten ranking in descending order also includes Oman, Hong Kong (special region of China), Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, Rwanda and Qatar.

Russia in this list was ranked 109-th place. Her neighbors were Peru (108th position) and Cameroon (110-e a place).

The rankings are taken into account, in particular, the situation with crime and terrorism, and military conflicts.

Thursday, April 13, the WEF has recognized Colombia the most dangerous country in the world. In the top 10 of these countries are also included Ukraine.

The world economic forum is a Swiss non-governmental organization. She is best known for its annual meetings in Davos, which discussed international issues. WEF members are about a thousand large organizations from different countries, including from Russia.

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