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Beelzebufo: Giant Frog That Could Have Eaten Dinosaurs Discovered
18:05, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
Scientists have discovered that a prehistoric species of giant frog had a bite so powerful it could have preyed upon small dinosaurs with its ...
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Well-preserved wreck of WWI German submarine found off Belgian coast
17:05, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
The well-preserved wreck of a World War One German submarine, possibly still containing the bodies of its 23 crew members, has been found off the ...
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iPhone 8 Apple has lost $43 billion of market capitalization
13:15, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
Over the last week the capitalization of Apple fell by a record $ 43 billion, it is the lowest indicator of the market value of the company over the ...
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Bomber targets NATO convoy in Kabul, Afghanistan, wounds at least 3
12:15, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
A suicide bomber has attacked a NATO convoy in the fifth district of Kabul, Afghanistan, according to Pajhwok Afghan News. Five people were injured ...
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Trump has accused Iran of cooperation with North Korea
11:40, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
The US President Donald trump has accused Iran of cooperation with North Korea. An appropriate entry, the U.S. leader left in his Twitter. The ...
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China has severely restricted trade with North Korea
11:25, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
China completely banned the import of textiles from North Korea, and also restricted the sale of energy to the country, reports the BBC. The new ...
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ATHENA Laser Weapon System Defeats Unmanned Aerial Systems
02:05, Sunday, 24 September, 2017
The Lockheed Martin Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) prototype laser weapon system proved that an advanced system of sensors, software and ...
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Trump: North Korea's 'Little Rocket Man' should have been handled long ago
12:25, Saturday, 23 September, 2017
President Trump ripped past U.S. administrations' handling of North Korea on Friday, escalating his verbal feud with the country's leader Kim Jong ...
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Ukraine women's football clip prompts online sexism row
00:10, Saturday, 23 September, 2017
A video clip promoting a women's football international fixture has kicked off a row on Ukrainian social media over its sexualised content. The clip ...
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Navy staffers removed from duty after pictures of them flipping off newborn babies and making them dance to rap music emerge online
22:15, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Two Naval corpsmen have been removed from duty after images of them messing around with newborn babies emerged online.Images originally uploaded to ...
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Ronda Rousey ‘to fight WWE star Charlotte at WrestleMania with plans of Four Horsewomen match at Survivor Series
18:20, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Ronda Rousey will reportedly make her WWE debut in November. The UFC star has long been rumoured to be considering a switch from the octagon to the ...
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Andre Ward, boxing's pound-for-pound world No1, announces shock retirement
15:20, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Andre Ward, the unified light heavyweight champion widely recognized as the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer, announced his retirement from ...
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Erdogan: Turkey to deploy troops inside Syria's Idlib
12:25, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Turkey will deploy troops in Syria’s northern Idlib region as part of a so-called ...
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Facebook to give Congress thousands of ads bought by Russians during election
12:05, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Facebook will provide to Congress the contents of 3,000 advertisements purchased by Russians during the 2016 US presidential race, Mark Zuckerberg ...
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Australia has extended sanctions against Russia
11:40, Friday, 22 September, 2017
The Australian government has extended sanctions against Russia for three years.The Australian government took the decision to extend financial ...
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Five people detained, released by Turkish President's security detail in New York
11:10, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Five individuals were detained by the President of Turkey's security detail at an event in New York Thursday afternoon, but were later released, ...
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North Korea could test hydrogen bomb in Pacific, says foreign minister
10:45, Friday, 22 September, 2017
Japan must brace itself for the possible launch of a nuclear-armed North Korean missile over its territory if the regime carries out a threat to ...
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