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EXCLUSIVE: Stealing bananas from elephants, raiding rubbish bins and even gutting a GIANT TORTOISE to eat: How Australia's most wanted murderer survived for months in a ZOO while evading police
19:10, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
He stole bananas from elephants, slept in the roof cavity of a manager's hut and used coin-fed barbecues to cook himself meals. When his food ...
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Trump urged Prosecutor General to investigate possible interference of Ukraine in US elections
16:25, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
US President Donald Trump said that the Ukrainians were trying to sabotage his election campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton, so the Prosecutor ...
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Congress acts on Russia in the absence of Trump leadership
15:00, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
Whoever occupied the White House this year would have confronted the same question: whether to extend sanctions on Russia for alleged meddling in ...
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Mike Tyson talks about being 'snatched off the street' and sexually assaulted as a child
13:35, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
Boxing hero Mike Tyson has opened up about the horrific sexual assault he suffered as a child - and how the it made him 'tough for the world I lived ...
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Trump NYC skyline sketch at auction, $9,000 minimum
12:35, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
President Trump can add "professional artist" to his resume.A sketch of the New York City skyline done for a 2005 charity is going up for auction ...
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Illegal fines and their appeal
11:10, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
Annually traffic police writes more than a million traffic tickets. Some of them are appropriate, and some are not.Anyone can appeal the decision ...
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CNN Cites Anonymous Sources Who Declare Rex Tillerson is Thinking About Resigning from Secretary of State
10:25, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
Tillerson has a growing list of differences with the White House, including a new debate over Iran policy and personnel. His frustration is hardly a ...
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Russian Photographer Captures Beautiful Elderly Couple To Show That Love Transcends Time
01:10, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
Anyone who watched the Up animation probably was thrilled by the love story of the elderly couple, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. In today’s ...
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Michael Phelpsfails to actually race a Great White during Discovery show
00:15, Tuesday, 25 July, 2017
Michael Phelps raced against a simulated Great White shark in a highly anticipated television program to kick off Discovery Channel's annual Shark ...
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This barber uses an AXE for his clients’ haircuts
23:10, Monday, 24 July, 2017
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Iranian cabinet approves bill to switch currency from rial to toman
16:35, Monday, 24 July, 2017
The administration of President Hassan Rouhani in a cabinet meeting on Sunday approved a bill to switch Iran's national currency from rial to toman, ...
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At least five injured in horror 'chainsaw attack'
15:25, Monday, 24 July, 2017
A shop owner told Blick a man was spotted roaming the streets with a chanisaw, but this is yet to be confirmed. Among the injured to said to be ...
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Reuters found out about the EU’s plan to extend sanctions for Siemens turbines in the Crimea
15:15, Monday, 24 July, 2017
Germany proposed to expand sanctions list against Russia in connection with the situation around the supply of gas turbines for Siemens in the Crimea
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Iran, Iraq sign MoU to boost defense ties
15:00, Monday, 24 July, 2017
Iran and Iraq signed an agreement on Sunday to boost cooperation in a host of military fields, Tasnim news agency reported.The agreement was signed ...
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The Trump team is repeating Obama’s mistakes in Syria
14:20, Monday, 24 July, 2017
Trump administration officials consistently point back to the Obama administration’s failed Syria policy to justify their approach, which ...
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Erdogan gambling with centuries-old ties to Germany: Schaeuble
12:40, Monday, 24 July, 2017
Ankara has refused to let German lawmakers visit soldiers at two air bases. Volker Kauder, head of Merkel's conservative bloc in parliament, said ...
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“No to Russian fascism”: in Georgia, held a March
11:45, Monday, 24 July, 2017
Hundreds of people came to the March “No to Russian fascism” in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. People wanted to show that in their ...
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